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  • Ac Expert is now a Ygrene participant

    Ac Expert is now a Ygrene participant. Ygrene Energy Fund is the nation’s leading provider of residential, multifamily and commercial property...

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  • Different types of Air Conditioning Technologies

    Single stage: A single-stage air conditioner has been around for while, it was the only technology available in the market for a long time. What...

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  • How to prevent your ac drain line from getting clogged and what to do if it does?

    The reason you have an overflow switch on your drain line is to prevent sudden water leakage in your home / business. An overflow switch is a sm...

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  • UV Light

    The germicidal effect is in the UV-C spectrum, that deactivates the DNA. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are destroyed and their ability t...

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  • R22 versus R10A

    R22 and 410A are both a type of refrigerant used to cool your system down as air cycles through your air conditioning system and comes out cold....

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